FEBRUARY, 1998. - Cover for English version of Jules Verne Club site was created with four linked pages:
members.htm, townjv.htm, jvstreet.htm, i jvccoll.htm. Croatian version of Jules Verne Klub site is completed with pages zbirka.htm, MSteatar.htm and istroph.htm.

  • 27 NOVEMBER, 1997. - this page was created, with Croatian mirror titled Novosti. Mathias Sandorf Site (Croatian version) was completed: existing pages were finished, and new pages were added: album63.htm; album80.htm; izvori.htm; crobibl.htm; romani.htm; filmogr.htm; naslovne.htm.

  • A cover page for English version of Mathias Sadorf Site was also done; for now, with one page following: electeng.htm. English update is expected soon.
    Croatian version of Pazin-Mitterburg-Pisino Site also started with cover page, and one following: jama.htm. Unknown Istria Site is also opened, but still in construction. Finaly, Jules Verne Club Site started in Croatian version, with two more pages: pristup.htm and gradjv.htm.
    Almost all pages were equiped with navigation arrows; existing pages were very little redesigned.

  • 05 SEPTEMBER, 1997. - Start of this site, placed on server, with first Davor Sisovic Home Page (also in English version). Contenting one sub-site, Mathias Sandorf Site (only in Croatian), with fallowing pages mssadrz.htm, likovi.htm, electcro.htm, crobibl.htm and filmovi.htm. Title page contains (Cratian and English versions) links to,, "Glas Istre" on-line, and to Zvi Har'El's Jules Verne site.

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