Jules Verne wrote about Pazin in his novel "Mathias Sandorf" (1885),  and that was a result, besides other, of his correspondency with contemporary mayor of Pazin, Giusepe Cech, and reading works of French writer and travellor Charles Yriarte. In memory of this Jules Verne's novel, Pazin had ( in 1989-1990) an amateur theatre group named "Mathias Sandorf". Today, Pazin has a Jules Verne street (since 1992.), just in a part of town nearby a thousand years old castle, that one which Verne described like Mathias Sandorf's prison. At 9-th february 1998. there was a "Jules Verne Club" established in Pazin, with purpose, besides others, to make more famous a connections between Pazin (and that means Istria and Croatia too), with this extraordinary French writer. Intention is to give deserved cultural and historical meaning to this connection, and to use it as an inspiration for some activities in our time.

We are just at very start of our efforts; so please, take this page as one which is still "under construction", and, for now, have a brief at one little "julesvernian" photo-album of our town.

kula zidine kastel
One of towers of a Castle in Pazin, place where Jules Verne's Mathias Sandorf was prisoned
The walls of Castle above a 130 m deep gorge: here Mathias Sandorf climbed down
A thousand years old Castle in Pazin. Jules Verne discovered this ancient building over works of Charles Yriarte, and correspondency with contemporary mayor of Pazin, Giuseppe Cech.
kanjon jama Hrvatsko izdanje
Prvo izdanje
Canyon of a river Foiba/Pazincica, 130 m under the walls of Castle.  Entrance to the underground cave, where Mathias Sandorf was taken underground by flow of river Foiba First and only 1988. Croatian edition of "Mathias Sandorf" Hetzel's edition of "Mathias Sandorf" - was it the same like Jules Verne sent to mayor Cech at 1885?

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