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Mathias Sandorf
Le Temps, no. 8813 (16 June 1885) - no. 8908 (20 September 1885).

Mathias Sandorf:
Three volumes.
Part 1: 27 July 1885. Part 2: 17 August 1885. Part 3: 26 October 1885. Hetzel, Paris

 Mathias Sandorf
19 November 1885: twentieth double (triple) volume (111 illustrations by Léon Benett). Hetzel, Paris

Source: http://www.math.technion.ac.il/~rl/JulesVerne/biblio/voyages.html

 (The Complete Jules Verne Bibliography by Volker Dehs, Zvi Har'El & Jean-Michel Margot)

Later editions of "Mathias Sandorf" by Hetzel, Paris:
1) 1885 Cartonnage au ballon  
2) 1901 A l'ancre et a la mappemonde

3) 1905 same except for minor details
4) 1910 same except for minor details

5) 1915 a un elephant avec voyage extraordinaire dans l' eventail

LIST OF WORLDWIDE EDITIONS (in alphabetical order of country names)


Matías Sandorf
Traducción directa del francés de Ramón Amado Vocos
Buenos Aires, Editorial Sopena Argentina, 1941
2 v. 23 cm


Julius Verne: "Mathias Sandorf" Autorisierte Ausgabe Collection Verne, Band 47 Hartleben - Wien/Pest/Leipzig - 1887
"Mathias Sandorf", Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt - Pazin, 1999


"Mathias Sandorf" "De Arbeiderssers", Brussel, 1964. translated by: Willy Jouvet


Novy hrabe Monte Kristo
(Mathias Sandorf)
Translated by J. Pachmayer.
Praha, Josef Richard Vilímek (1893)
Novy hrabe Monte Kristo
Translated by J. Pachmayer
Praha, Josef Richard Vilímek, 2nd edition 1913, 3rd edition 1921, 4th edition 1932.
Novy hrabe Monte Christo
(Matyaš Sandorf)
Translated by Zdenek Hobzík
Illustrated by Zdenek Burian
Praha: Josef Richard Vilímek, 5th edition 1941

Puvlished by KOD, 1954

  "Matyaš Sandorf" (Novy hrabe Monte Christo) Albatros, Praha (Prague) 1988 translated by: Zdenek Hobzik Mathias Sandorf
Translated by: J.Pachmayer


"Count Sandorf" 1-2
translated by Wenping Su and Yuanhu Yang

published by China Youth Press in Beijing, December 1981 Contains about 323,000 chinese characters. It was printed in 80.000 copies!


"Matijaš Sandorf"
translated by Morana Èale
published by Grafièki Zavod Hrvatske, Zagreb 1988
102 illustrations by Leon Benett
"Mathias Sandorf"
translated by Morana Èale
Published by:
Spot (Zagreb) & "Jules Verne Klub (Pazin)
illustrations by Leon Benett
"Mathias Sandorf" (drama)
translated by: Milena Benini
published by: Jules Verne Klub, Pazin, 2002



"Matthias Sandorfs havn"

"Frihedshelten Mathias Sandorf"
Ungdommens Forlag, Copenhagen, 1948.

On the back cover it is claimed that this is "first time in Danish".
Inside a note says "translated from Swedish by Paul Honore".


Translated by: Tauno Karilas
Published by: "Otava", Keuruu, 1978 (3rd edition)


Mathias Sandorf
Hachette, Paris, 1926
"Mathias Sandorf" 1-2-3
Hachette, Paris, 1917-1920.
"Mathias Sandorf" 1-2-3
Hachette, Paris, 1924.


Mathias Sandorf
   Editions Hachette, Paris, (1967)
Collection "Livre de Poche"
T1 + T2, n° 2045 and n° 2066 in 16°

Mathias Sandorf.    Editions Hachette (Paris): Les integrales de Jules Verne in 8° (1979)

Mathias Sandorf
Play by William Busnach and Georges Maurens
Published by the Société Jules Verne, Paris, 1992
112 p, 30 illustrations.


Mathias Sandorf - T. 1-2
Editions HACHETTE, 1948
Série cartonnée verte aux 6 filets dorés
Illustrations de P. ROUSSEAU

Mathias Sandorf
illustrations de Francois Batet
Hachette, Paris, 1963

191 p, ill. (part col.); 21 cm
  Mathias Sandorf
Editions M.Gonon (Paris): T1 + T2
in 8° (1967)
Mathias Sandorf
Editions Hachette (Paris): Bibliotheque Verte in 16° (1972)
Mathias Sandorf
Michel de l'Ormeraie (Paris): T1 + T2
in 4° (1975)
  Mathias Sandorf
Editions Jean de Bonnot (Paris): T1 (n° XVI) + T2 (n° XVII)
 in 8° (1978)
Mathias Sandorf
Editions Saint-Louis-en-Lisle (Paris-Geneve): T1 + T2 in 4° (1980)


"Mathias Sandorf" 1-2-3
Pawlak Taschenbuch Verlag
(part of complete with 70 Jules Verne's books  published at 1984: No. 48/49/50)
"Mathias Sandorf", Deutscher Bucherbund GmbH & Co.", Stuttgart - Muenchen, 1979, translated by Gisela Geisler
- Mathias Sandorf I-II neu ubersatzt und eingerichtet von Lothar Baier Franfurt: Verlag Barmeier & Nikel, 1977. 371 str. Ilustr., 18 cm. Mathias Sandorf
Verlag Neues Leben
Berlin 1963
(4th edition: 1980)


"Mathias Sandorf"
Published by: Sampson Low - London
, 1886
contains pt1 & pt. 2 ( without dustcover)
This is a very thick book which contains the George Hanna translation, opens "Trieste, the capital of Illyria, consists of two towns --"

"Mathias Sandorf" pt. 1 "The Conspirators of Trieste" published 1889, Sampson Low - London, some ills.

"Mathias Sandorf" pt. 2 "the Captives of Antekirtta", published 1889 Sampson Low - London, some ills.


Gyula Verne (!):
"Sandor Matyas"
Mora, Budapest, 1976.
Translated by: Orvos Lajos


Mattia Sandorf
translator unknown
Published by: Casa Editrice Giuseppe Principato,
Milano/Messina, 1960

Mathias Sandorf
Published by: Mursia, Milano, 1990

translated by Franca Gambino  


"Matias Sandorf" translater unknown. Latest edition: 1986. Porrua editors. Illustrated ( six pictures ). That edition may be a copy of a spanish translation.


Mathias Sandorf
3 delen, Blauw bandje ( blue covers )
Jac's G. Robbers, Rotterdam
02-11-1886 1e Een verijdelde samenzwering. Dokter Antekirrt.
03-12-1886 2e De Middellandsche zee.
12-04-1887 3e Een model-volksplanting.

Mathias Sandorf
De Nederlandsche Boekhandel, Antwerpen, Jules Verne - Verzamelde werken nr. 24.
De drie delen Mathias Sandorf in één bordeauxrode band. Gouden belettering. (Bordeauxred covers)
De boekblokken zijn van Elsevier. (Bookblocks are Elsevier's, used 1886/87)

Mathias Sandorf
large edition 18x27 cm, two columns, 1892
Elsevier - Amsterdam, J. Lebegue - Brussel
37 - Mathias Sandorf - Verijdelde Samenzwering, 108 p, 46 ill.
38 - Mathias Sandorf - Middellandsche Zee, 112 p, 35 ill.
39 - Mathias Sandorf - Modelvolksplanting, 112 p, 32 ill.

Mathias Sandorf
edition in the series "Blauwe bandjes" (blue covers)
Elsevier, Amsterdam
37. Mathias Sandorf - Een verijdelde samenzwering (1916)
38. Mathias Sandorf - De Middellandsche zee (1917)
39. Mathias Sandorf - Een modelvolksplanting (1917, 1919)

Mathias Sandorf
Elsevier wire-stitched edition 1875-1912

XXXV - Mathias Sandorf - Verijdelde samenzwering
XXXVI - Mathias Sandorf - Middellandsche zee
XXXVII - Mathias Sandorf - Modelvolksplanting

Mathias Sandorf
Internationale Roman-maatschappij, Sophialaan 29a, Amsterdam
Cinema-romans no. 27

Mathias Sandorf
Reinaert-uitgaven. Met stofomslag. De Arbeiderspers. Brussel, België. L.J. Veen,
Amsterdam. Uit het Frans vertaald door Willy Juwet

Mathias Sandorf
Oeuvres Célebres, 2 delen (Frans), Beckers, Kalmthout-Anvers


"Hrabia Sandorf"
Published in the "Slowo" magazine at 1885-1886.
translated by A.T. Jaros³awski
"Mateusz Sandorf"
translated by Halina Zaj¹czkowska
Published by: Nak³. i dr. Wiktora Kulerskiego, 1926
"Mateusz Sandorf"
translated by Ma³gorzata Gucman
Published by: Agencja Wydawnicza Egros, Warszawa 1995
"Matyas Sandor"
translated by W³adys³aw Bochenek
Published by Korona, Krakow, 2000


Mathias Sandorf

Typographia das horas romanticas, Lisboa



Mathias Sandorf
Translated by Ovidiu Drimba


Mathias Sandorf
Translated by J. Pachmayer
Published by Návrat, Brno, 1999


"Mathias Sandorf"
Published by
Tehniška založba Slovenije,
Ljubljana, 1972

Translated by Boris Verbiè


"Mathias Sandorf" Oscar L. Lams Foerlag, Stockholm, 1888


Mathias Sandorf
Editions Rencontre, Lausanne, 1967
Les Oeuvres de Jules Verne

T1 (n° XXIII) + T2 (n° XXIV) in 16°

 Mathias Sandorf
Editions Famot, Geneve, 1979
T1 + T2 in 16°  


Mathias Sandorf
New York, G. Munro, 1885
3 v. in 1. illus. 33 cm

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To Weijie Shu who sent me image of Chinese edition of "Mathias Sandorf"
To Lejf Rasmussen who sent me image of Danish edition of "Mathias Sandorf"
To Roger Torstensen and Peter Richter for images of Sampson-Low and Portuguese editions of "Mathias Sandorf"
To all friends and "Jules Verne Club" members which sent (and will send) us a books
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