At 28-th of february, 1992, a City Council of Pazin pronounced the Jules Verne Street (in Croatian: Ulica Jules Vernea), as a first visual sign of dedication to this great French author and his writings about Pazin in his novel "Mathias Sandorf" (1885)

A Jules Verne street in Pazin is placed just in position where events in "Mathias Sandorf" were described: down this very street, Mathias Sandorf and his companions were brought to Pazin in a closed coach, and in this very castle (on the photo) they were prisoned, and here from they escaped. A castle in Pazin is a thousand years old building, for a first time it's mentioned in one document signed by emperor Oton II, at 983. A.D.
Today, there are two museums placed in this castle, a City Museum of Pazin, and Istrian Etnographic Museum. Castle's windows which are turned to the oposit side of Jules Verne Street, shows a view into a mysterious gorge where through Mathias Sandorf, in Verne's novel, found a way to freedom.

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