Panorama of Pazin Welcome to my Web-site. Through my pages, those which are allready here and those which will follow, I'll try to introduce you with beauty, greatness and heritage of Istria and my born-town, Pazin.

Pazin is more than thousand years old town right in the middle, in the heart of Istrian peninsula. For more informations about Istria, I recommend having a look at two interest sites: and (and than come back).

(portret Jules Vernea) Pazin is most wellknown by his large natural gorge and underground cave, called "Pazinska jama" or "Foiba di Pisino", under the walls of a thousand years old castle. Castle, gorge and cave are places where a famous french writer Jules Verne placed an important part of his novel "Mathias Sandorf". I recommend an extraordinary site about Jules Verne which will introduce you with an imaginary world of this excellent author.

Istria, Pazin and Jules Verne are reasons why I'm doing this pages at all. If you want to exchange with me your opinions, sugestions, expiriences and ideas about these subjects, mail me. This site is still under construction, and this English page is, for now, first of only few of English version. In time, I'll prepare English version (with blue background) for every page that appears in Croatian (with yellow background), so I hope that you will come to see it again, and if you are interested in Pazin, Istria and Jules Verne, I'll be glad if you add my URL to your bookmarks.

(Glas Istre logo) A few words about me: I was born at 1965., here in Pazin, and I'm working as a reporter in our regional daily newspaper "Glas Istre", which is also avaliable on the Web. Besides everyday journalistic work, my special interests are about Istrian etnology, traditional customs, history, dialects, cultural heritage and everything we are calling the "Istrian way of life". My motto is: "Istria is a state of mind".