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Almost in every Jules Verne's novel, in a plot based on adventures, explorations and far away travells, there are incorporated also a "miracles of a technique", machines and vehicles unknown to writer's contemporaries. Just because of this technical inovations (but not only because of them), Jules Verne deserved a title of "father of modern science-fiction".
In the novel "Mathias Sandorf", technical inovation is found in a super-speed electric ships, which helps to dr. Antekirtt and his associates to travel from one side of Meditereanean to another, faster than every nautical machine known at that time. This electric-powered ship is called simply "Electric". With two classic ships, "Savarena" and "Ferrato", dr. Antekirtt owns three more "Electrics". This ships had, in final part of the novel, a key rule in defense of Antekirtta island from an pirate's attack.

Benett's Electric
Original illustration of "Electric" from novel "Mathias Sandorf", by Verne's ilustrator Leon Benett

Miller's Electric
Drawing of "Electric" by Ron Miller from his book "Extraordinary Voyages"

Electric 1980
"Electric" from 1980. TV-serial "Mathias Sandorf"

Model of the "Electric" designed by the members of "Jules Verne Club", May 2000

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